Gallery of Stained Glass Windows

Jaentra’s stained glass windows were featured at the Banfill-Locke Gallery in May of 2010.

Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts (BLCA) is pleased to present the Stained Glass artwork of Jaentra Green Gardener titled “Healing Arts.”

“My art is an outlet and expression of the healing process,” says the artist who resides in St. Paul. She practices “hands on healing” and, with friends, created “Three Heart Balancing,” a new form of energy medicine. Jaentra Green Gardener’s stained glass incorporates pieces of found objects and materials that have special associations with individuals she has helped or that symbolize some aspect of the healing process. Her windows are often embedded with antiques, gems, rocks or family keepsakes. Her designs grow out of an intense, organic process that begins with the objects.

Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts is located at 6666 East River Road in Fridley, Minn.

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1. Leadership is Partnership. 1992

Leadership is Partnership31.25” x 57.5”.  This work contains jasper, carnelian, an antique doorknob, boxes, hanging gems, a broken crystal bowl, and jewelry.

Partnership created the human evolutionary healing we call, “Three Heart Balancing™. What began with a group of about 20 of us now numbers in the thousands of people doing healing. Three Heart Balancing, symbolized as the three triangles, changes the gravitational field within the human body so that people are in harmony with Divine Love. The new order affects our DNA, an order created out of chaos symbolized in the window through the broken crystal glass. We are not alone. Each of us takes our place to become the people we hope to be, together along with God, Goddess, earth, moon, and other partners pictured in the window.

2. Yin Tapestry. 1993
3. Yang Tapestry. 1993

Yin TapestryYang Tapestry24” x 50.5”.  These contain antique flowers, bowls, Chinese Buddhas, a pendulum, mirrors, and dichotic glass. This was part of the WARM juried art show of 1998.

Because of miracles we personally experienced, our group knew we were creating a new evolution. Healing someone’s personal story at the same time heals the collective story. Fifty-five people gave me glass symbols representing themselves, such as family, partnership, money, mother, earth, moon, or sexuality. Each piece of the window symbolizes a specific person.


4. A Vision of Healing. 1996

A Vision of Healing 800h26 .5” x 49.25”.  A piece of glass shaped like the state of Minnesota contains within it an image of a woman symbolizing the embracing of female energy as essential to our transformation. Healing the heart heals the human experience. The tree spirits and planets dancing in a twin orbit on top of a mist of water symbolize that the whole planet is changing.

5. God’s Love Falls on us like the Gentle Rain 2006

TOSHIBA Exif JPEG14” wide x 46” tall.  This window was part of the WARM juried art show in 2008.

Hurricane Katrina opened up the deep human emotions of pain, isolation and abandonment. Our great partners in life, the tree spirits portrayed in the window as leaves, support our human body, the spine, and the spinning wheels of light called chakras. In France similar porcelain flowers like the ones shown down the middle of the window top tombstones. I put the flowers into the window to say that through death comes rebirth in the human energy field symbolized by the rainbow chakra colors.

6. All My Relatives 2007

All My Relatives 800h29” x 50”.  The highlight of this window is the cascade of 33 iridescent teardrops along the spine. Uluru or Ayer’s rock in Australia is the only landmass on the earth that has never moved. This window reaches for the same strong support in the body as the earth has from Uluru. Insects, animals, objects, fungus, earthworms, immortal beings, angels, God, Goddess, support this strength and planets symbolized throughout the window. All my relatives comprise the whole energy field we experience in the material world.

7. Empowerment 2003

Empowerment 800hOval frame 36” x 30”.  The womb is erupted in a bouquet of hand blown glass flowers. Balancing both male and female dynamics makes empowerment certain. Our growth pushes us forward into a new relationship with who we are.

8. The Emerald Green Healing Portal 2008

Emerald Green Healing Portal 800hOval frame 36” by 28”.  Green is the color of evolutionary energy that makes fish grow legs and walk on land. We can enter this portal through meditation and bring new possibilities for the healing of our body. The special fused glass piece is the angelic presence supporting our physical changes.

9. Third Charka of Safety and Security 2010

Third Charka of Safety and Security 800hRectangle 25” high X 13” wide.  We now have 25 chakras. This window contains Oulu’s hand blown glass flowers. Firmly soldered into the night sky yet suspended over the emerald green bowl of new DNA transformation. Our safety and security give us joy as shown by the flowers. We see the flowers at night when little available light exists.

10. The New Earth 2009

The New Earth 800hRectangle 25” by 13” wide.  Many of us meditate on peace on earth. This image is my interpretation of our earth in the unseen, heavenly world.