What I Know For Sure

These stories convey the heartbeat of life. I gained deep insights into healing and the human experience from people who have received healing. Listen below as I tell my stories and talk about the truths that enriched my life. Names and facts in these examples have been changed to insure privacy.

Receiving Creates an Opportunity for a Miraculous Healing

Bella the dog teaches us that receiving love is a superhighway to changing deadly disease patterns in our bodies.  

Aligning the Body Rhythms Leads to Miracles

I describe a Three Heart Balancing™ technique that saves lives, deeply nurtures, and is easy to learn.

When Healing, Judgments and Opinions Don’t Matter

Jerry’s healing illustrates that God uses even imperfections to create love.

Faith is Not Necessary to Heal

Even if you have little or no faith, healing works. Florence is an extreme example.

The Will Heart Carries Life

The human urge to survive is expanded through healing in unimaginable ways.

Healing has a Multiplier Effect

Here is the story of Laura’s remarkable recovery from a brain tumor.

The Circle of Hands Makes a Loving Journey Towards Death

Paul was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease and heals his friends and family by allowing them to heal him. The Circle of Hands program gives structure to our desires to make a difference for very ill people in our circle.

In the Face of Great Adversity, Love Prevails

A child’s miracle healing makes Jaentra believe anything is possible.

Life Can Change in the Winking of an Eye

A failure to thrive baby gets a new lease on life through healing.

Praying Expands Healing

Faith does move mountains and accelerates healing. Leah is a case in point.