Jaentra’s circle of healers

What Jaentra says about the circle of healers

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I have experience and knowledge. I am the scribe and do tech support. I envision the global network of healers.

Our circle is smart, compassionate, knowledgeable, warm, loving, savvy, and has resources from heaven and earth which guide them to spread throughout the world the idea that each of us is powerful. Each of us has, in our hands, the means to ease each other’s suffering, to help each other rise when we fall, and to guide us collectively to walk together in harmony, sharing the earth and all of her gifts freely.

The circle I’ve gathered is brilliant in the light they shine throughout their lives, and I am blessed to know each one of them. I offer you my friends, fellow travelers in love with he journey of life and magicians who create new realities wherever they go.”

I ask you to trust them because it feels right. Some of them are housewives, teachers, medical professionals, plumbers, and businesspeople. All evidence a deep abiding faith in God, in the goodness of life coming through tragedy, and that if you can imagine it, you can do it.

I love the people who make up my circle—I know them well. They will strive to be the best and do the best. I am proud of them.

You can get to know them. I am the public face of a circle of adults who is willing to empower you to be more than you knew was possible.

Communication, sharing what is important to us, is primary. We provide the best service we can. Incorporating all the ideas this creative circle comes up with brings everyone results we have yet to dream about today.

My circle knows we are not perfect. God works through us imperfect people. It is by acknowledging and embracing our imperfections that our greatness is able to shine through and bring us to a place of power and joy.

Nothing is more exciting to me than using our healing hands with another to feel the realities of their body change and bring about remarkable health. When we experience healing, we open up the creative process in ourselves. When we teach healing, we join with all of life to change the course of history for each and every one of us. We bring peace on earth one person at a time, or by groups of people, rippling through time and space, infecting all with miracle opportunities.

Our vision is that whatever your particular problems or difficulties, you can change. We can help you. Together we can find a way to grow stronger and affect our futures now.

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How about two Mentors?

We work in pairs.  We realize that is not the most economical, but it is the best. In the new energies, there is no messiah, no one guru, no one end-all/be-all. We are all here to save and help one another.

To teach Three Heart Balancing™ or lead a Circle of Hands class, we prefer to send two mentors. Two mentors can share their skills professionally and to spread the energy work as volunteers, depending on your group’s needs and resources.

We keep a balance, a sounding board, an eye on each other. When one leads, the other follows or rests. When you pay us for services, we may support our common volunteer efforts by teaching free classes and giving free healings, as well as advice, while we visit your locale.

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