About Jaentra

Jaentra blue 288x282Jaentra Green Gardener, M.A. 

Jaentra is a certified massage therapist. Diagnosed in 1977 with multiple sclerosis, Jaentra left no stone unturned in exploring any method that might help her overcome that illness. Over 30 years she studied massage, accupressure, reflexology, Reiki, MariEl, Integrated Awareness Technique, Neo-Reichian Work, Bioenergetics, supported age regression, Polarity Therapy, Ortho-Bionomy, Hypnosis, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt, and Transactional Analysis. She incorporated her learning into a method called Three Heart Balancing™ and is helping others cope with their healing challenges.

Jaentra also hosts a radio show called Healing Journeys at http://a2zen.fm/. To learn more about Jaentra and the work that she is doing go to: http://www.healinghandsnetwork.org/

How I Chose My Name

Jaentra Child 279x288Jaentra. That name came in therapy when I realized that my mother preferred Nancy, my stillborn sister, to Deborah, me. To release myself from the death grip MS had on my life, I felt the need to choose a new identity.

Assisted by a therapist, I went into a deep state of relaxation and asked my higher self, “What is my true name??” I heard Jantra.

The Jen/Jan part I took to be from the month of January, named for the Roman god Janus, the God of gates, doors, and rebirth. Janus takes from the past what is best and looks toward the future, incorporating the past. Tra is strong like a tree.

So Jaentra, pronounced Jentra, fits me.

None of my historical last names worked for me. My friend Amanda said, “Why don’t you call yourself Gardener? That is what you do with people, you garden. You plant, you cultivate, you weed, you water, you fertilize, and you nurture.” That describes me. I am a Gardener. I am Jaentra Gardener.

Then I met and married Clyde Green. He suggested I take his name as my middle name, so on August 1, 1998, I became Jaentra Green Gardener.

Jaentra Wedding 288x250

Clyde and I did this web site together. He is more than the wind beneath my wings. He makes manifestation happen. He creates audio and video support. He manages the website and my appointments. When I broadcast my show on A2Zen.fm with Mark Wandersee, Clyde makes that possible. He schedules my guests, advertises the show on Facebook and elsewhere, and he runs the sound, monitors the computer chat room, sets up mikes, and manages the switchboard. When I make stained glass windows, he helps me with frames, assembly, and delivery. jaentragreengardener.com does not happen without Clyde Green!


Just a dolphin, ma’am.

Dolphins w earth 249x250“You rock. You’re outstanding, so loving, so much like the goddess herself,” someone might say to me as my hands unlock and release old, crippling patterns their body holds.

I say, “Just a dolphin, ma’am.” We laugh. It is a joke from Saturday Night Live years ago. Deliverymen could be land sharks or “just a dolphin.”

A woman of deep metaphors, I claim to be as harmless as a dolphin, but actually I am accepting the compliment of being like the goddess.

And I imply deeper magic, oneness with the animals, the telepathic, sonar equipped dolphins.

When I feel the horrid, twisted energies of cancer in my hands, I embody the jaguar. I roar within, grab hold with my teeth and refuse to let go. Every bit of danger must be erased before my grip softens and I relax.

Jaentrajaguar3 400x250

Yes, at times I am an elephant.  I remember everything a client says, just so at the perfect time I can remind them.  My detailed, reliable memory brings them a sense of being noticed. Their self-esteem and sense of importance increase.

Elephant Waterfall 348x250

All the animals help me from time to time.  The coyotes help me with the tricksters.  The monkeys help me with the socially inept, the donkeys with the stubborn.  I play with crocodiles, I laugh at the moose.  I sneer at the snakes, and I say, “Don’t you dare!” to the scorpions.

Metaphorical language is one of the best ways to explain healing.  When you have cancer, you climb up the mountain and reach the summit, then the doctor says you are cancer free.   You still must climb down, and that journey is as difficult and you need as much support as when you are climbing up.  After you release a disease, you need to re-grow health.

cropped-HHN-3-Hearts-logo-blue-100px.jpgTo know more about Jaentra and Clyde’s ideas about healing, click here.