About Jaentra

For over 40 years I have been blessed by placing my healing hands on thousands of people.  My life is so rich with experiences and opportunities for love. 

   A certified massage therapist, I was diagnosed in 1977 with Multiple Sclerosis. I have left no stone unturned in exploring any possible healing method that might help me overcome that illness. I have studied Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure, Reflexology, Supported Age Regression, Reiki, MariEl, Integrated Awareness Technique, Neo-Reichian Work, Bioenergetics, Polarity Therapy, Ortho-Bionomy, Hypnosis, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt, and Transactional Analysis.  All these and more have given rise to a healing modality called Three Heart Balancing™ which heals the body and soul through our three hearts: the Spirit Heart, the Balance Heart, and the Will Heart. It was developed by a group of us using the open source method of discovery while continuing to evolve to this day as it helps me and others cope with our healing challenges.

Ever since I was diagnosed with M.S., my mission has been to heal. Now 40 years later my healing challenges continue as I am morbidly obese, unsteady enough to need a walker, nearly blind, and weak at times. My damaged DNA has emerged, giving rise to challenge me in my own body and soul.  These challenges have caused my soul to become one with my body and manifest new changes. My soul essence uses my body to force me to grow.

Giving and receiving Three Heart Balancing™  has kept me young and vibrant in many ways. I am  continually bringing in new healing frequencies to allow my body to transform and be miraculous, in partnership with all of life that is also evolving. I can still touch my toes. I have very few wrinkles or gray hairs even though I’m 70 years old. I am independent. My heart is in good working order. My memory is sharp. My hearing is still so good I can hear a pin drop. I don’t suffer from diabetes or other conditions common among older Americans. I participate as fully in my world as I am able, joyfully embracing each day.

Of course, I know I am aging, experience pain nearly everyday, am sometimes limited, and will die someday. I need services to help me stay in my home. Yet I believe I will completely heal. I will become thin, mobile, and strong. My vision will become 20/20 or better, and I’ll be able to run again. Until those healing miracles occur, I love my soul and how my soul is connected to my three hearts, especially the Will Heart – the heart that addresses our emotional archive, our sexuality, ego, and ability to change. When vibrating out the damage in our Will Heart, I am also vibrating out the damage patterns which caused some of the issues challenging me today. I discovered my soul purpose is to open up and move feelings in the Will Heart and heal the Will. I plan to live.  I plan to live long enough to see the effects of global warming reversed.

Together we can use the healing modality of Three Heart Balancing™  to benefit each one of us thereby benefiting all of us on Earth. I know this because so many friends and people who I have healed come together to love and support me and one another. Some of my students heal me and help me cope with my limitations in exchange for me giving healing to them. I train others to teach healing classes. I want to help as many people as I can to provide healing as a living, as a business. I am retired and ask for donations to the Healing Hands Network as I take on the most challenging healing cases such as difficult cancers, extreme chronic pain, viruses, or DNA diseases. I refer other cases of people in need of healing  to one of my highly qualified trained professionals or volunteers.

Our healing evolution continues.