Descriptions of all our classes

Descriptions of all our classes

The first class listed is donation based. All other classes are $195 each, with a sliding scale to fit every budget.

Energy Experiences

Three-hour class to deepen your awareness of your part in the unseen world of energy.  Take this free class to reveal the unseen support for your life.

Practical Magic

Learn the portal and dimensional world and how to travel there to shift patterns you reject.  Create powerful changes in your daily life.


This the beginning of your journey with Three Heart Balancing. Here you gain the building blocks that are essential for healing and self-empowerment. Foundations is a prerequisite for the following classes, which can be taken in any order.

Energy Interventions

Learning how to repair the damage your body holds is the focus of this class.  Incorporating tools of analysis, understanding, and self-healing builds your skills.

Applied Healing

Learn energy doorways for your hands so that you can fix your body’s ills. This class will provide the keys to empower you.  Practice and experience transformation.

Comfort Care

Bring sacred touch to wounded hearts. The focus is on supporting the transition from suffering to relaxation for people in terrible pain and/or hospice care.  Find a path to wholeness here.

Inner Guidance

In this course, you will recognize that you truly are not alone.  Build skills in communicating with both seen and unseen support.