Three Heart Balancing™

Every religion of the world has some version of the Golden Rule:

“Do unto others what you would have others do unto you.”

Also referenced as “be kind” to one another.

With all our suffering, we find ourselves wondering how to relate to each other with grace and forgiveness in a fast-paced world of multicultural beliefs.

Since healing is a gift for everyone like the sun, moon, and stars, a partnership with the Divine is always at its heart. Faith is action. Every act of healing is an act of praying for the individual. This is the foundation of the Three Heart Balancing healing modality.

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Heartfelt Beliefs to Heal

Forgive everybody everything

Reconciliation Park in Mankato, Minnesota, commemorates the 1862 hanging of 38 Lakota men by President Lincoln’s order. The Lakota had stolen food that the U.S. government had promised them by treaty. The people were starving! This is the largest mass execution in U.S. history to date.

“Forgive everyone everything.” This is inscribed on the benches used in Reconciliation Park from which one can view the white buffalo monument. According to Lakota legend, the white buffalo’s return heralds a time of peace and prosperity for all people.

It is important for individuals to recognize how humans can wrong each other, yet how our wounding is transformed by forgiveness. Forgiveness is a sure path to empowerment and the basis for all healing.

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Healing Bear the dog

Classes in Healing = Classes in Empowerment

Behold Bear, the dog that in the left-hand picture has crossed eyes and in the right-hand picture, uncrossed eyes.

Bear photo 600px

Clyde and I met Bear in October of 2009 while teaching an intensive weekend in Three Heart Balancing™. This class was sponsored by Jaentra’s Circle member Laura Holtz in Longmont, Colorado. Bear belonged to Laura, and after meeting him, we basically ignored him the first two days of class, knowing that we would eventually use him to teach compassionate connection.

Compassionate connection is an advanced healing technique in which the healer enters the unseen world of portals and dimensions. Through this world, the healer connects his jewel body with a person or animal in need. Every time you give a healing, you receive a healing, so even when the healer becomes one with another, she doesn’t take on any issues or energy.

The third day of this class, Jaentra told her students that they would work on healing Bear’s eyes by healing her body as if she were the dog. Clyde explained how compassionate connection works. Then Jaentra held the dog’s head and gazing into his eyes, used her intent so that she and Bear become one.

Jaentra then lay on the table while eight people put their hands on her body, including her eyes. Bear fell asleep on the floor nearby. When the healing was over, Jaentra got off the table and Bear awoke. His eyes were completely normal and stayed that way for the rest of his life.

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