Circle of Hands

Teaching and learning healing is easy. The Healing Hands Network will teach groups as small as three or as large as twenty-five how to have a continuing impact on the health of a loved one.

Different from a class, a Circle of Hands session is a prescription for exactly where to place hands and for how long.  A healing coach shows each person in the group what to do. Each participant in the session also receives their own deep healing in order to better understand how Three Heart Balancing™ works.

Trained Circle of Hands participants then sign up on a calendar, working in pairs, to provide intensive, ongoing support. It’s not necessary that Circle of Hands participants understand the technicality, but rather they just have to show up, care, and be open to the idea that God or The Source is with them to help a loved one in need.

Circle of HandsCreating a Circle of Hands group for your ill or injured loved one supports health, eases the burden on primary care-givers, and is a loving activity that brings people together.

Circle of Hands participants share the moving experiences of easing suffering, of witnessing healing miracles. And, if death comes, it occurs with dignity, intimacy, and elegance. The often isolated experience of dying and loss is transformed into its own kind of healing in the supportive web of community and loved ones.

If you are sick, the best gift you can offer to the people who love you may be your own willingness to receive this simple healing gift of time and love. A Circle of Hands heals everyone, not just the person identified as ill or in need.

The goal of the Healing Hands Network is to make Circle of Hands available to everyone regardless of his or her ability to pay for the instruction. Please email or call for details.

The Circle of Hands program is fostered by the Healing Hands Network, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Jaentra and the people in the Circle volunteer their efforts to offer this amazing program whenever possible.

We have so much to give each other. Together in love, all things become possible!

To contact the Healing Hands Network, click here.