Inspiration and meaning of the Pulse Stained Glass

Every piece has meaning

As you can see they are alike, but not identical.  The base has 6 earths nestled in leaves symbolizing the many deaths the earth has endured, as we humans inhabited her. 

Next comes the broken, rainbow heart with a new healthy growth of a loving heart.  On top of the broken, rainbow heart is a clear patterned heart of new energy, we call Aria.  Aria is love on steroids. 

Above the heart is the symbol for a pulse, sinus rhythm.  49 gems, one for everyone killed surround and support new life and vitality.  No one dies in vain.  There is no symbol for the shooter.  He was soulless, a shell. 

Above the pulse are symbols of the Source holding and nurturing the earth through all our transformations.  The yellow rectangle is our renewed souls.  The dichroic glass which is 3 different colors depending on the light symbolizes Aria again the new frequencies that allow us to dream, imagine, kind, and begins to stop violence.  I choose dark cobalt, indigo blue because all colors get along with it and that is the color of twilight.

At the top are Citrines flowing down as a Symbol of the healing of money and prosperity.  So much violence exists due to the misuse of money. 

This window also looks good without light: you see the patterned heart, the earths, the vase, and new colors of the purple/blue glass.  

Artists:  Jaentra Green Gardener, Deb Hunstad, Karen Volkman, Laura D’Ambrosio, Kris Hunter, Paul Sevett, Naomi Baer, Julie Hartmans.  I started this window and because I became low vision, I taught Deb, Karen and Laura how to do stained glass.  All three worked many hours cutting, grinding, foiling, and sodering. Deb and Karen spent many hours doing the final soldering over the summer. 

All of us planet wide moved energy to make this change.