Heartfelt Beliefs to Heal

Every religion of the world has some version of the Golden Rule:

“Do unto others what you would have others do unto you.”

Also referenced as “be kind” to one another.

With all our suffering, we find ourselves wondering how to relate to each other with grace and forgiveness in a fast paced world of multicultural beliefs.

Since healing is a gift for everyone like the sun, moon, and stars, a partnership with the Divine is always at its heart. Faith is action. Every act of healing is an act of praying for the individual. This is the foundation of the Three Heart Balancing healing modality.

Reconciliation Park in Mankato, Minnesota, best exemplifies a stance on this in current history best:  “Forgive everybody everything.” This is inscribed on the benches used in the park where one can view the white buffalo monument as well. According to Dakota legend, the white buffalo’s return heralds a time of peace and prosperity for all people. We, as mentors, strive to manifest that reality every day in healing.

Jaentra-&-BuffaloReconciliation Park commemorates the hanging in 1862 of 38 Dakota by President Lincoln’s order as punishment for stealing food. The Dakotas had stolen food because the U.S. government had broken a treaty with their people. This was the largest mass execution in U.S. history.

It is important for individuals to recognize how humans can wrong each other, but yet how easily we can embrace all pathways to the Divine for forgiveness and healing.

Since we live in this world to make it better, we live our heaven here, creating health and wellness when and where we can.  Our faith that healing can happen in the wink of an eye, is a living monument in action today.

Actions speak louder than words.

Jaentra Crying