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Taking Classes in Healing = Taking Classes in Empowerment

Behold Bear, the dog that in the left-hand picture has crossed eyes and in the right-hand picture, uncrossed eyes.

Bear photo 600px

Clyde and I met Bear in October of 2009 while teaching an intensive weekend in Three Heart Balancing™. This class was sponsored by Jaentra’s Circle member Laura Holtz in Longmont, CO. Bear belongs to Laura, and after meeting him, we basically ignored him the first two days of class, knowing that we would use him to teach compassionate connection.

Compassionate connection is an advanced healing technique in which the healer enters the unseen world of portals and dimensions. Through this world, the healer connects with a person or animal in need and then uses another body to heal the other. Every time you give a healing, you receive a healing, so even when the healer becomes one with another, she doesn’t take on any issues or energy.

The third day of this class Jaentra told her students that they would work on healing Bear’s eyes by healing her body as if she were the dog. Clyde explained how compassionate connection works. Then Jaentra held the dog’s head and gazed into his eyes, willing the two of them to become one.

Jaentra lay on the table while eight people put their hands on her body, including her eyes. Bear fell asleep on the floor nearby. When the healing was over, Jaentra got off the table and Bear awoke. His eyes were completely normal and still are today, more than four years later.

If you want to learn compassionate connection, take the class called Practical Magic. Here are all the classes currently available, taught by Jaentra’s Circle:


Three Heart Balancing™

Level 1  —  3 classes, $210.00

Learn how to activate the Wave or internal healer, to cleanse the liver, and to interpret hand sensations. Energy first aid, pain and suffering alleviation, hospice care assistance will be experienced. The class will learn from live models.

Level 2  —  4 classes, $265.00

Receive an in-depth healing every class. Learn accident and injury healing, how to approach diseases, and a system for whole body access.

Level 3  —  2 classes, $110.00

Healing dogs and other animals will be the focus, using participating dog instructors. We apply concepts from Levels 1 and 2 to animals. Limit is 5 students who have completed Levels 1 and 2. Contact Jaenta if interested and we will set up a class, provided we have students and a dog instructor.

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Language of Love

I am pleased to offer this series of classes. My students wanted guidance on how to speak, support, encourage, and suggest to their clients as many ways as possible for each to transform. Here is my best attempt to share the Jaentra version of how to speak the language of love.

Module 1: Tips from Social Psychology  —  4 classes, $250.00 plus $15.00 materials fee

Sessions will last 2 ½ hours. I will lecture, use meditation, healing, and experiential techniques to teach. Be prepared to take notes. We will bring in new energies to widen and expand the old. In preparation for the class, please read Making Contact by Virginia Satir. This short book is out of print, but you can get an e-book at Amazon.

Be aware of what not to do or say when healing another. Ways to avoid psychological games, to understand the mental age our client presents, and to maximize our impact for change. These topics make up the content of the first module.

1. Discounting and passivity material and how it motivates both healer and client to facilitate change. If you google “Discounting, Ken Mellor” you can read a free PDF.

2. Game theory through the study of the Karpman Triangle: Persecutor, Rescuer, and Victim. You can download original articles by Steve Karpman.

3. Human Growth and Development from zero to five years of age using the affirmation ovals developed by Jean Illsley Clarke. Discussion of emotional regression of clients on the table and how to utilize regressive tendencies for growth.

4. Eric Berne’s Games People Play, with special focus on games like “Ain’t It Awful”, “Why Don’t You, Yes But”, “Wooden Leg”, “NIGYYSOB” and “Kick Me”. You will learn Transactional Analysis of ego states and what kinds of transactions stop game playing. Games People Play can be downloaded online.

Module 2: Verbal and Nonverbal Interaction  —  4 Classes, $250.00 plus $5.00 materials fee

1. Jaentra’s take on NLP, Neuro-linguistic programming, is applied to healing. We will do self-assessment to learn visual, kinesthetic, and auditory inputs and outputs. How do we apply these concepts to client care? What can we learn from The Structure of Magic?

2. Relaxed states and how to induce them in ourselves and others is the focus. Pacing, leading and following using touch, gestures, breath, and words will be taught.

3. The subconscious mind dos and don’ts bring understanding to effective interaction. We will learn how to speak to the child within a client using adult language. How to create metaphors, examples, and storytelling that will illustrate how to structure change.

4. We will create a healing guided meditation with a template. Use of the voice, inflection, tone, cadence to nurture and inspire will be taught. The unfinished phrase that the client finishes, the bulls-eye and when to use it, humor used to create paradox, and creative solutions are examples you will practice.

Module 3: Creative Encounters  —  4 classes. $250.00

Advanced experiential work done within the group setting means an individual in-depth healing every session. Jaentra will teach you using theta states. Also students may lie on the table receiving group healing and access to other portals and dimensions.


Noetic Possibilities

The word noetic comes from Greek and means knowing, inner wisdom, intellect, of the mind.

Evolved 25 Chakra System  —  1-day, 7-hour weekend class, $150.00 or sliding fee

Since 1992, with the advent of Three Heart Balancing™, humans have been evolving. We’ve embraced our collective and individual damage and expanded our energy field. We’ve refined our subtle energy bodies. Taking this class is like learning the owner’s manual for the new car you are driving. Your body now functions with a new interlocked driving system; being aware of this will empower you.

Soul Journeys  —  3 classes, 2½ hours per class at $200.00 or sliding fee

We pry into our past lives, both ancestral and imagined. Using our body’s current and past symptoms, we use muscle testing, intuition, and emotional resonance to discover our core story, our lifetime just before this one, and our primal wound or organizing principle. This is your class to expand your understanding of who you are.

Practical Magic  —  3 classes. 2½ hours per class, $200.00 or sliding fee

Using an expanded view of portals and dimensions, practice boundaries and immersion skills to empower you.

Learn how to make power objects, how to divine possibilities, and how to create manifestation in this seen world with help from the unseen.


Snowflake expands and strengthens all healing modalities. The class is open to any adult. This is a one-day, 7-hour class. $150.00 or sliding fee.

Snowflake is the healing energy driving our human evolution. Discover how to access your own unique snowflake frequencies in this class. You can accelerate the rate at which your body changes. Regardless of how you feel, you can KNOW you are safe. This class provides you with numerous tools that allow you to manifest the kind of body you envision for yourself.

In this class you will:

  • Learn how to use dissolve, magnify, sticky, slippery and other energy constructs
  • Experience healing of joy and peace by finding your still-point
  • Release shame, the root cause of disease
  • Change your basis for existence from pain to joy
  • Learn an evolutionary view of human change

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